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I am rarely impressed with the service industry. Taking care of people requires talent, dedication, and above all, caring. If there is one thing that the proprietors of Sagewater spa do better than any hotel, B&B, or resort in the US, is care. Cristina and Rhoni swept us through the front door and into their nurturing arms. They did not let us go for 3 glorious days, and even then, reluctantly.
These talented, traveled, and industrious women, renovated Sagewater from a grim status, to a Don Draper shine. The 7 rooms are appointed smartly, and comfortably. The homage to the mid-century era is not lost, and at the same time it did not feel wholly anachronistic. Perhaps the only thing “old” about Sagewater was the service. Lemonade and coffee cake upon arrival, smiles, intros to other guests, tips on local activity, and explanations of the healing waters all felt very much like a bygone era of service.
Cook here! The outdoor dining area, the well-maintained grill, the candlelight at a moment of spontaneity, all lend themselves to making evenings here an event. Next time we come, we are bringing a group, cooking all together, and celebrating the healing life with Cristina and Rhoni.
Sagewater is convivial and personal, and although it would be easy to remain anonymous and keep to oneself, the joy for us was to commune with other creative guests, and meet very cool people from other countries. Read the about page for this place. The story is lovely, and it is easy to see why the owners are passionate about their guests and their water.
Travel and Leisure readers would feel just as at home here as Afar subscribers. The circles of society run concentrically through Sagewater, but do not turn a blind eye Mr/Mrs Independent backpacker, there is a healing and love for you here as well.
Rarely has lodging seemed so truly egalitarian. Rarely have I been so pleased with any place for 3 full nights. Go to the desert, seek something within yourself, and do yourself a favor, stay at Sagewatwer.

MHousewright, Houston, TX

October 25, 2013 0 Comments Guest Reviews

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