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Sagewater Spa is Rated #1 Desert Hot Springs Hotel - tripadvisor.com

“Simplicity Reigns at the Sagewater Spa…..From the outside, it looks like a huge glowing box: inside, the intense light and large, aluminum-framed windows make the seven small rooms feel like artists’ studios…..”

— Travel + Leisure Magazine

“Tucked away in an unassuming neighborhood, this seven-room simple haven sits on an acre of secluded bliss… this seven-room simple haven sits on an acre of secluded bliss. Open only two years, it is already known as the ‘spa to the stars.’ Celebrities and non-celebrities come to soak in its healing mineral-water pools.”

— Dreams Magazine

“As I felt myself slowly thawing, I couldn’t imagine a single scenario that would extricate me from the pool. The crisp, immaculate linens are Frette, but there is nothing fancy or overbearing about the place. It simply feels peaceful, serene and warm.”

— Chicago Tribune

“Guests at Sagewater seem somehow to spend their whole time in the pool, probably on account of the wonderful water and its therapeutic effects.”

— Wellness Hotels

“Experienced spa goers swear that the water does wonders for arthritis and joint ailments. According to Pestana, “the water makes your skin feel like silk. You feel wonderful when you step out.”

— Next Magazine

“What’s Cool: Modernistic Chic – natural hot spring pools, authentic modernism, breath taking views”

— Cool Hotels

“The Frette linens have traveled halfway around the world from Italy. The rooms are all white cotton with the occasional perfect sage pillow. It feels like a very expensive peace; where Prince Charles could leave his luxury yacht for a spot of meditating or painting; we leave our vehicle for a spot of magical mineral water.”

— The London Sunday Times

“The mineral water here is some of the best in America…”

— Travel + Leisure Magazine

“Sagewater, a study in low-key Zen decor, Frette linens, and fully equipped kitchenettes, delivers striking mountain views and mineral-rich waters, cooled to 90 degrees in the pool and 105 in the communal spa tub.”

— The Boston Globe

“MODERNIST CHIC… the Sagewater Spa in the hills of Desert Hot Springs, California, just north of Palm Springs, is a restful modernist haven.”

— The New York Times

Daycation at the Sagewater Spa

Enjoy a Daycation at the Sagewater Spa and soak in our natural mineral water, world-renowned for its healing and rejuvenating qualities. Spend up to 4 hours relaxing for a cost of $60.00.
Includes a locker, change room, robe and slippers, and a refreshing welcome beverage.
Enhance your stay with a Dayroom for $180, maximum of 3 guests.
Please inquire about in-room massages or visit our sister property, The Spring, located across the street.
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