TripAdvisor: Words are insufficient for my wonderful experience at Sagewater

Even my initial phone call to Cris set the stage for this incredible experience. She was warm and welcoming and felt like a friend within the first few sentences. I was contemplating a trip to Palm Springs to escape really bad allergies at home (Austin) and something about the nurturing tone in her voice helped me to feel confident enough to take a break from work and motherhood to take care of myself.

Once I arrived, Cris and Rhoni were more than I had expected, as was Sagewater.  The hotel was prefect. Stylish and clean, simple, modern. Very comfortable bed and linens (even a great pillow – which I tend to be picky about!), great water pressure in the shower and delicious, clean tap water.

The mineral pools were God-sends. My eye allergies (from home) cleared after a swim in the warm pool. The hot tub was a nightly and early morning ritual for me where I was able to connect with the silence and beauty of the surroundings.
I felt an even deeper connection because sadly, my dog passed away while I was away on this trip. Sage (their Schnauzer) volunteered herself as comfort to me. I was visibly sad and both Cris and Rhoni were so comforting and empathic to my grief.
We had a few conversations while I was there (which I encouraged – they were also sensitive to try to give me space and solitude) which were deep and transformational for me.

As a side note, I was at the “we care” spa, doing their program, but stayed at Sagewater for 4 nights since We Care was booked. What a gift it was. Sagewater completed my healing journey.

I will absolutely return- and would recommend it to anyone, even people who have the option to stay at We Care, if that is a part of your trip. given that I was on a liquid fast, I did not partake in any food offerings or restaurant recommendations, but it sounded like they had great ideas. They also had great ideas for other place to me to visit in the area, which I didn’t have time for on this trip, but will return for.

I believe that Cris, Rhoni, Sage and Sagewater will be a part of my life forever.

Fair A
Austin, Texas
January 26, 2014 0 Comments Guest Reviews

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