TripAdvisor: Clean, comfortable, and cozy

Lack of pretense, that was my first impression… and shortly after it was how clean everything was. We opened the door into the the pool/courtyard area around 3:30 and I was hit with the colors and lighting that are unique to the desert… Bathed in whitewash and the smell of the hot springs we were greeted and presented with cinnamon cake. (So good!!!) Shown to our room I immediately noticed how nice everything smelled.

There is something about a weekend get-away that, if done correctly, can completely recharge you and leave you excited for the week ahead. This was one such weekend. We didn’t have to ask for anything, change anything, or have anything improved. We were able to check in, tune out and relax. I left feeling wonderful. Strongly recommend.

Griff G
Los Angeles, California
June 2, 2014 0 Comments Guest Reviews

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